The word uncultivated is a curious example of a term that can be applied equally to people and to agriculture, like productive or growth. Just as productivity is a trait to be encouraged in both character and agriculture, an uncultivated field is yet to be tilled and prepared for planting – much like an uncultivated mind is yet to be refined by culture and education.

But just as teenagers are wont to differ with their parents’ opinions on refining & educating the mind, humanity is by necessity seeing a shift in its approach to cultivation. The way that we have historically filled & subdued the earth, conforming nature to our needs, appears to be no longer sustainable, and different thinking is necessary that assigns a true value and importance to the uncultivated earth.

Having lived in China and also through my time in the IT industry, I have witnessed not just the capacity for remarkable technological innovation but the speed at which good ideas can turn industries upside-down. But what is needed at this critical moment for our world, more so than high-tech silver bullets, is an approach that favours uncultivation – a recognition that natural biodiversity of ecosystems is essential for our well-being and survival - not a resource to be exploited but a wild playground to be treasured and nurtured for future generations.

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